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LoDaRe Design & Decor

Timeless Creativity.

Check out this blog for the latest news, updates of activities and ideas for your decoupage and mixed media art!

28 July 2020 - Goodwill Covid-19 Encouragement Project for Nursing Committee at Tan Tock Seng Hospital

LoDaRe is honoured to be able to contribute to the goodwill Covid-19 encouragement project to the nursing committee at Tan Tock Seng. With a team of artists and contributors of glasses and bottles, over a period of two weeks, the team had upcycled and gave birth to a brand new look of over 100 healing lamps that are usable to be placed at homes for lighting purpose.

12 Dec 2019 - Christmas Party - Bonding through Wearable Decoupaged Art

From feedback of hundreds of students since 2014, LoDaRe has found out that bonding and building rapport with each other can be very effective and memorable when everyone is learning a fun skill (using basics of decouage technique) to decorate usable and wearable mediums like hats and lamps. For the festive season like Christmas, LoDaRe was happy to see all the attendees giving a 5/5 review on this bonding Christmas workshop decoration of hats and upcycling bottles into lamps that are great gifts for this season.

As the saying goes, a handmade customised unique gift is definitely a more memorable lasting gift for loved ones than a purchased one off the shelf.

9 Dec 2019 - Interview by Mediacorp Channel 8

It was a pleasure to share insights, secrets and the history of decoupage and mixed media art and the story behind the setting up of LoDaRe with Mediacorp Channel 8 News on TV. During this pre-recorded interview, viewers of Channel 8 News will enjoy a preview of a demonstration on how to decorate a wooden vase using basic decoupage technique with simple material used. The program also reveals Szuen Wong, the Head of Visual Arts and Master Trainer in the school, on her unique discoveries of this art, ways to make it more creative when doing the art and how other adult students who came here to learn for fast track teaching or artist's career are being transformed. Look out for the broadcast of this program on Channel 8 News on 21 February 2020.

Dec 2019 - Tip in Getting rid of Stickiness on Mixed Media or Decoupaged Artwork

Over the years, we received countless feedback on decoupaged or collage artwork that became sticky after 3-6 months in Singapore. The main reason for this is due to the high humidity level here and this issue would not be present in non-humid countries after our survey done. Students have asked LoDaRe many times if this is the issue with the decoupaged varnish. This is definitely not related. The heat and moisture will cause the surface decoupage varnish to melt a little, causing it to be sticky at the hottest temperature during the months of July and August especially. How do we circumvent this problem? LoDaRe has invented a special formulated thin non-sticky liquid that you can just apply after you have done your protection using decoupage varnish immediately after you finish your artwork. When the hottest month comes, there will not be any stickiness that takes place.

Now some students from Singapore and other countries had also asked the LoDaRe team of trainers, what if your current decoupaged artwork done some time back have already became sticky now, can they still apply this non sticky liquid and salvage it? The answer is yes after experimentation with various artwork on all mediums. The above finding are tested and proven after 5 years. For students who are keen to get this LoDaRe formulated non sticky liquid sold ONLY at LoDaRe shop currently, you can contact us at whatsapp +6585041089 or [email protected] We do delivery worldwide.

Nov 2019 - Tips in Doing Mosaic Table Well

The pictures shown before and after application of mosaic gel onto the an ordinary coffee table.

Many students had feedback the difficulty to achieve perfection in mosaic table, citing the leakage of gel outside the edge. LoDaRe has revised the conventional steps into using two types of tubing during the pouring of the liquid onto each cut-out cubic size of the decoupage paper. The conventional way is to use one plastic tube but that has been proven to have less success rate. To find out more, students can email your queries and also order the two different types of tubing and mosaic non-toxic gel liquid to [email protected]

4 Nov 2019 - Team Bonding Session at NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

On 4 Nov 2019, the staff at NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine had a jolly good time decorating and designing their own large tissue box. The tissue box was created to be slightly larger for a bigger surface area of design. This workshop used a medium with embossed words on the top of the surface of the tissue box making it a unique one that cannot be purchased from any shopping market. All participants were happy that in a short 1.5 to 2 hours workshop, they completed the artwork without any errors.

Staff had these to say about this workshop:-

"Thank you Szuen and team for the great and fun workshop yesterday. All our (40) staff enjoyed the workshop. Looking forward to having more workshop with you." Priscilla Kuan

"Good amount of history given and DIY with guidance! Great workshop!" Coyden

27 Sep 2019 - Fund-Raising for Charitable Causes

LoDaRe is priviledged to contribute to the good cause that Hope International Agency is championing for to raise funds for a better living for under-priviledged children and families in Cambodia. The event held on 27 Sep 2019, saw a range of items inclusive of artworks from different artists auctioned to raise funds for worthy causes. This year, LoDaRe team of mixed-media artists specially developed and designed a unique series namely the "Frozen CRYSTAL Lamps" that can be displayed in living rooms, offices and even bathrooms, with encouraging words displayed on it as HOPE, FAITH, LOVE for fund-raising efforts. We are happy that the donors were happy with these set of exclusive lamps that were brought home that night.

17 August 2019 - Congratulations to Szuen for winning Art Award at the International Art Contest 2019

Video of art award presentation on 17th Aug 2019.

Congratulations to Szuen Wong, MOE AMIS Master trainer and art syllabus developer at LoDaRe for winning the 2nd time the Special Mention Art Award at the International Art Contest 2019 organised by Bible Society of Singapore in partnership with the Embassy of Israel for her art mixed media submission titled, "Restoration". The contest for this year saw hundreds of art submissions from various countries.

Techniques used for the win for 2018 and 2019 included exclusive techniques taught at LoDaRe at the International Distinction Program of 33 techniques.

1st Win of Art Award in 2018 - Title of Artwork - Joseph's Life. A creative fun glass work using lighted fish aquarium creatively painted with scenes from Jospeh's life. Idea of lighted aquarium from embedded jar lights used for design and decor of glass lamps, first created at LoDaRe.

Video of art award presentation in 2018.

10th June 2019 - Art Therapy Lamp Decor & Design at Institute of Mental Health Hospital

LoDaRe team of 6 trainers had a fulfilling time teaching 30 participants on decoupaged lamps at Institute of Mental Health. Everyone was so happy. "The participants were so happy. They commented they liked their work a lot and it was beautiful and easy to do. Thanks for the opportunity." Catherine Chua, Volunteer Manager at IMH.

5 April 2019 - Mixed Media Bag with Italy Fleur Chalk Paint (< than 2 hours)

A PU bag is often harder to do paint, design or do decoration on because of its smooth surface. The other types of challenges include the paint or papers not able to stay on for many years. LoDaRe has came up with a solution. By applying liquid X, the surface is made rougher and therefore special design papers and paint can be applied and create the elegant and durable design that would last under rain or shine! This is voted as one of the favourite bag among fans from over 14 counties.

To find out more about the workshop which is less than 2 hours, you can sign up here.

31 March 2019 - The Secrets in Protecting your Shoes' Design & Make it Last for Many Years.

LoDaRe has invented customised shoes in a whole new way - canvas shoes with a difference with over hundreds of designs to choose from and a customised word in minutes ready for you. With the invention of TE liquid, a superior unique liquid from Italy, LoDaRe has incorporated the use of this liquid to sustain the design on the shoes and under abrasion, moisture or heat, the design on the shoes stays durable and of high quality. Over last 5 years, feedback from students who designed and decorated the shoes had been overwhelming and positive about their shoes lasting for many years.

23 March 2019 - Upcycled Designed Lamps - Great for Children to Sleep at Night

This is a wonderful review of our upcycling effort of all the trashed bottles and jars for children. One customer feedback with great excitement, "I just replaced the battery in the upcycled lamp that you made. This is so great for my daughter who is afraid of shadows at night." No doubt after 4-5 years of upcycling frosted glass to lamps, LoDaRe has great success in recycling all the used bottles and jars.

10 March 2019 - From Damaged to Restored Table Sold/ Understanding How to Restore Table and Increase its Selling Price threefold.  

This table when first collected was severely damaged with scratches and marks. The good news is it has been sold to a happy and pleased customer after treatment! LoDaRe team of trainers have personally executed the steps for restoration for this table with the knowledge she gained in her training received at TO DO Art School in Italy. The goal in restoring this table is to ensure that the treatment, design and protection will be seamlessly done and this table will be extremely durable from burnt makrs and resistant to scratches, a much better version that the original wood table. 

With the study stint in Italy at To Do, Szuen, the Master Trainer shares the following steps and tips in restoring this imperfect table to one where you can use for many years.

"When a table was damaged over the years due to burnt marks or scratches, there were three main procedures you need to do. First you need to fill up the dents with a special powdery liquid (there are three types that were invented in Italy) and make it even before you proceed to the next level. Then you apply the decoupage techniques which most of my students will know what to do and they are spoilt for choices over the 33+ techniques they learnt from the distinction certificate. After decoration is completed, the most important part which is often taken lightly by many is on protection. After spending hours doing the restoration and design work, most decorators are already pleased with their work but many forgot the protection is critical to ensure your artwork is protected for more than 10 years or more which is possible if you know how to. We used a 2 layers plus one additional layer using two different liquids that will ensure NON stickiness and NON yellowing especially in humid country like Singapore. This method has been proven successful and beautiful as its finish too. We are pleased to inform that LoDaRe is also the sole distributor in Singapore of this unique product (manufactured in Europe) made for this superior protection (that is also free of smell and solid in protection) that you will not easily find in other countries too. Of course, you need to learn all these steps as a student just like me previously so that you will understand how to apply this on any old or new furniture you have."

8 Jan 2019 - Calling out for LoDaRe Art Students for Volunteering

21 December 2018 - Congratulations to Szuen Wong, Master Trainer at LoDaRe

Congratulations to Szuen, Master trainer at LoDaRe for her 2018 achievements and completion in specialised training in mixed media and decoupage with special effects with Italy and Australia schools.

1. Certified Decoupage Artist issued by International Australian Decoupage Association.(300+ hours of training and exam practical with Distinction score 95/100)

2. Sospeso Trasparente Certification issued by Monica, Italian teacher and Creator, in flower art.

3. Special Mention Award at International Bible competition 2018 for her creative submission of storytelling using glass painting and lights.

29 July 2018 - Talk on Repairing Damaged Large Surfaces in Partnership With SkillsFuture

July 2018 - Charity Drive with Red Cross at Plaza Singapura

LoDaRe was privileged to be invited to partner with Red Cross Singapore to champion for a better cause. At the one week long event held at Plaza Singapura, LoDaRe's experienced teachers' team trained over 100 children, adults and even tourists on how to know the secrets in using this art to decorate and design on usable and functional surfaces. They received a classic everlasting lamp in supporting Red Cross' mission. 

10 June 2018 - Children's Upcycling Workshops at Hougang Mall

LoDaRe received an overwhelming responses of attendance for the creative and usable upcycling art workshops held at Hougang Mall. Many children and parents would return the following day to attend this workshop again during the one week long educational fair held at the mall.

"This is the first time we know that we can use this interesting technique to create Usable and everlasting lamp. The children are so happy. LoDaRe's classes are original and creative in its ideas," exclaimed Poh Ling. LoDaRe looks forward to future partnerships with malls to bring this knowledge of learning how to turn unwanted materials into an elegant piece of art for people to admire and appreciate. 

12 August 2017 - Educational Talk on Upcycling Bottles into a Creative Night Lamp  

It was a heartwarming day for LoDaRe to have the opportunity to share with the young children on how to recycle bottles, design and decorate it into a usable, lasting and elegant night lamp in their homes. The lamp can be placed in bathroom and even bedrooms. LoDaRe is pleased to give away these 50 well designed night lamps (using trashed bottles) to these children as a present. A fun and joyful day for the children!

13 July 2017 - ECDA Departmental Bonding - Fun in Creating Special Designs for Night Lamps

The Early Childhood Development Agency had lots of fun during the bonding session with their colleagues. Together, they used their creativity to design and decorate an elegant and usable lamp for display in offices and homes.

Xuan, a participant shared, "This is a very interesting workshop. The product is beautiful with simple materials!

21 Jan 2017 - Parent-Child Bonding - Design and Decorate a Tool/Sweet Box @ Nan Chiau School

It was a fun bonding time between Father and child at Nan Chiau High School. 20 participants signed up for this program organised by the team of trainers from LoDaRe.

Each parent and child teamed up to complete the painting and decoration of the four-compartment box using European paper art napkin. The end product is a water resistant and durable tool box which participants can use it to put sweets, tea bags, stationary or jewellery.

Ynezloh was happy that he managed to turn up for the 1 1/2 hour session. "It was fun and interesting for my father and I. We learnt something new today. Hope there is more of this kind of hands-on workshops for both parents and children as well."

Another parent, Ping expressed fulfillment over the entire art bonding session. He expressed, "Awesome. I had a great time doing art with my daughter!"

25 Dec 2016 - Want to give a new look to your worn out surface leather shoes?

Most of us would have a treasured piece of leather shoes which was bought at a high price. Over a prolonged time of usage, the leather surface was damaged or even scratched and the shoes cannot be worn presentable to places or special occasion. Yet many of us find it a waste to throw it away as the interior surface of the shoes is still in good condition. LoDaRe has a solution for you.

Employing decoupage applications and special liquids from Italy, LoDaRe will teach you how to treat the damaged surface and how you can give your shoes a new design using Italian manufactured special papers. See the above pictures of Before and After treatment, design and decoration of the shoes.

LoDaRe has over 200 pictures and designs on these special papers which you can choose to design and decorate your shoes. The outcome is a brand new piece of shoes that is water resistant, creative and unique. With this useful skill learnt, you are your own designer of your shoes.

6 Nov 2016- FUN CREATIVE Swiss Jewellery Workshop for all Ages at EXPO

5 Nov 2016 - Therapeutic Recycling Art workshop with the Ladies

A group of 8 ladies had lots of fun picking up the skill of decoupage and design to give a new facelift to used wine bottles. In less than two hours, the bottles were transformed into an elegant piece for display or use for vase in office and homes.

"Had good fun. Enjoyed myself. Teacher was clear in instructions." - Rasamee, 5 Nov 2016

22 Oct 2016 - Fun with Kids - Recycling Paper Art Napkins onto Tile Boards

Team of certified trainers from LoDaRe.

It was a fun and exciting day for the children around the age of 5 to 10 to participate in recycling paper art napkins to decorate blank tile board at Paya Lebar Chinese Methodist Church. After one and half hours, the results of the artwork by the little ones were out. The effects were awesome and pretty, ready for them to bring home to decorate their walls!

30 September 2016 - Design and Decorate a Velvety Pouch at St Luke's Eldercare Centre.

LoDaRe team of student trainers had an unforgettable time, teaching decoupage art to 65 elderly at St Luke's Eldercare centre on 30 September 2016. Everyone had a great time, especially the old folks. They feedback they had never got a chance to learn this art in their life and were happy at such a rare opportunity to learn to use European paper art napkin to design and decorate a pouch. The end achievement was they brought home a unique designed and water resistant decoupaged pouch.

September 2016 - New Spacious and Cozy studio 02-35 at Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre

In September 2016, LoDaRe moved to a more spacious and cozy studio #02-35 (Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre) to provide our students and customers a better learning environment and shopping experience.

Our team also said goodbye to our stores 03-19 and 03-29 since our establishment in 2014. We remembered the good, wonderful and fun memories with our students who graduated from here.

You are welcome to visit our store and our mini art gallery.

July 2016 - Cracking & Decorating Wine Bottle with Napkin Decoupage Workshop

In partnership with PFS, LoDaRe team of teachers organized and conducted an educational introductory decoupage workshop for the teenagers on cracking a wine bottle. Not only did the students learn to recycle the throwaway bottles this way, they also picked up the useful decorative skill by the technique of decoupage to create an elegant artwork on the bottle. The final output is a pretty vase for them to adorn their rooms.

Aaron shared his learning experience after the workshop. He said, "New, novel, interesting and creative. I really enjoyed it, not too difficult to understand. Instructors were good!"

June 2016 - Department Team Bonding/ Corporate Art Workshop for VISA

Staff from VISA at the corporate decoupage art workshop for beginners had lots of laughter and fun in the team bonding session. They selected their preferred choice of paper art napkin and created a customised design for their bag. In the process of doing the artwork, they shared the workload of tearing papers and drying for each other to complete their artwork on time. One and only designed water resistant bag for each one to bring home!

April 2016 - International (Professional) Italy Decoupage Art Certificate with Distinction

Complete set of artwork completed by student at Basic, Intermediate (1 &2) and Advanced level

"Fun, learn many useful techniques (Italy Trainer's Decoupage Certificate with distinction), not only for decoupage but mixed media as well. Definitely beneficial for people who love art and craft." - Lena

"I find the entire program (Italy Trainer's Decoupage Certificate with distinction) very good. I learnt many techniques (special texture effects and decoupage tools) which are very applicable to any objects that I can make use of!" - Linda

The profile of our (local and foreign) student graduates are mostly:

- School Teachers

- Artists

- Online art business owners

- Current SOTA/LASELLE/NAFA students

- Retirees or Homemakers

- Active art volunteers

April 2016 - Survey show the top four reasons why students chose to learn decoupage art.

Students rate decoupage as one of their favourite art because -:

1. It can be applied on any surface (such as plastic, metal, PU, glass, wood, leather, fabric) or irregular shape and size mediums.

2. It is an efficient art. You can create something nice, water resistant, non yellowing and pretty on the surface in less than two hours.

3. The decoupaged artwork can be sold easily due to the functionality of the artwork that can be used as bags, wallet, pencil case, book to many more than 30 types etc.

4. The decoupage skills are easily transferrable to restore and decorate on any old and worn out materials or surfaces such as wall, chair, door, table ceiling at home or in office etc.

If you are interested in the workshops, you can email us at at [email protected]

March 2016 - Understand the properties of decoupage papers at LoDaRe

At LoDaRe, you will find several types of decoupage papers. It is important for decoupage students to understand the properties of these premium quality decoupage papers that are produced in Europe and patented.

These decoupage papers are: -

- Resistant to heat (Good for our humid weather)

- Extra strong and resistant (pressure on papers when doing the artwork)

- Ideal for decoupage on every surface such as metal, porcelain, glass, cardboard, wood, fabric

- Acid size free

- Has a tissue (painting) effect look after decoupaging

- thin and light

With such invention of papers, it has made decoupaging artwork so easy and effortless. Having the knowledge above, you will be able to identify a good quality decoupage paper for your works at LoDaRe art supply shop.

Jan 2016 - Why is the old art like Decoupage one of the hot favourites in Asia now?

Decoupage is the charming art of decorating objects by assembling, cutting or tearing, pasting and varnishing paper cutouts onto various surfaces, sometimes with technique applications, using gold leaf or special paint effects. We catch up with the Head of Visual Arts, Szuen today to understand why this old art is a hot favourite in Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States. 

Tell us more about this decoupage art which you are teaching.

Decoupage (derived from French decouper) has a long history in Europe since 18th century has begun and evolved in Europe since 18th century. Over many years, the art has evolved in Europe with new invention of techniques and specially formulated liquids for a more extraordinary effect of decoupage.

One major milestone in decoupage is the invention of rice paper in Europe where it cut down the process of pasting and cutting into minutes and achieve an effect that looks exactly like a painting, thus saving time and at an affordable cost for those who wish to own a lookalike famous or priceless art .

Why do you think this art has attracted lots of attention in many countries in Asia now?

There are a few motivations as to why students came to LoDaRe to take up the decoupage course and most of them are keen on the decoupage trainer's certification course. First, the feedback I received from 90% of my students is this art is interesting and never boring. Decoupage art can be done on any surface (glass, metal, wood, PU, cardboard, natural material such as dried grass) and we have overcome even the most difficult surface such as plastic where the surface is extremely smooth which is a problem for painting or decoupaging for most people.

In addition, after decoupaging a surface within an hour or two, we can get an outcome that looks exactly like a painting. Is easy to get a sense of fulfillment doing this art. Therefore, it also gives happiness and great sense of achievement to them who may not have any art training prior to coming to LoDaRe.

After learning these skills, many students have also embarked on a teaching job as a decoupage teacher or become a decoupage artist to sell their artwork online locally and overseas. It offers them a second career path or entrepreneurship opportunity. In fact, there are also decoupage schools in the United states that many ladies went for training to get a teaching decoupage career in this line.

There is an increasing number of homemakers and retirees who came to learn at LoDaRe for the purpose of having a useful skill to occupy their time or use it for volunteer work during their retirement years. They have also feedback to us that decoupage knowledge and skills involve more variety, memory work and motor skills, therefore is good and healthily fun for the senior citizens to keep them mentally active.

What is the one major difference between decoupage and painting?

You can get the same look doing decoupage and painting. However, painting is usually done on canvas board to be hung onto the wall. Decoupage can be done on anything and you can practically still use the art work you have designed or painted. My students did decoupaging on their power sockets, toilet bowl covers, and house walls, transforming it into a piece of artwork. They have learnt the tricks on how to change any stubborn surface into a usable surface for decoupaging.

Szuen at decoupage training in Italy

Jan 2016 - About Michelangelo Art - Interview with Decoupage Artist, Szuen

There is a famous piece of art, Adam's Creation, on the ceiling of LoDaRe. The original piece of painting by Michelangelo, is still being seen on Sistine's ceiling in Italy. 

Now we get to see the other version of Adam's Creation in Singapore at LoDaRe and we will find out today from Szuen artist on the making of this art which has attracted several local and foreign visitors from Asia and Europe to view. 

Adam's Creation on ceiling of LoDaRe

1. Can you share with us how you went about creating Adam's Creation on the ceiling?

First, it was not my initial plan to create this art on the ceiling. My original intention was to do it on the wall. However, there were a few barriers on the walls of the studio like wiring and powerpoints. One day, I looked up at the ceiling and found there was a big spacious area on the ceiling to accommodate such a big piece of art and went ahead happily.

Above: Original Adam's Creation at Sistine

This art was done using the method of decoupaging with the very popular patented rice paper, invented and created in Europe. As a decoupage artist, I got the privilege to get hold of this super large size of rice paper. Normally, the average person will get the A4 size to work with.

With the use of our specially formulated decoupage glue and this rice paper, I decoupaged this piece onto the ceiling with the help of another assistant who also needed to be on the ladder. I painted and blended a lot on the rice paper itself and around the areas as well.

I need to highlight an important point as to why no one can see the paper at all and most visitors here thought it was a 100% painting. I am able to hide the edges of the paper very easily because the paint we used from Italy is the mattest form (non reflective) and has a very powdery effect on the artwork, making it very easy to blend with the colours on the rice paper. I am sharing an artist's secret here on the use of the best material and paint to use to create such a wonderful effect.

I don't work with oil paints which take a long time to dry and hard to remove from walls. I am glad I have found a perfect substitute that can help me do blending easily and the paint dries faster than oil paint.

2. What were the challenges in creating Adam's Creation on ceiling?

If you are referring to the skills needed to create this art, I think it would be stamina as I have to keep on moving the position of the ladder to paint at different spots. I found that the Italy paint really helps me a lot too as it covers several stroke and brush flaws due to the vertical distance that I am working from.

3. Why Adam's Creation piece and not other kind of artwork?

In my younger years, I visited Michaelangelo's art gallery and places where he created his art and was inspired. Is great now that I can see his art in my studio everyday and imagine I am in Italy!

Also, we know sometimes we will never be able to own a priceless painting like Michaelangelo's ones in our lifetime.

Now with the invention of rice papers that look almost like a real painting at affordable cost and with the simple application of decoupage, we can almost create what we want to see on any places we want such as furniture, bathrooms or doors... not limited to canvas boards anymore.

4. What have your viewers got to say about this piece?

Surprisingly, although we are not centrally located, we have many local and overseas visitors as far as from China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Netherlands and others which I have lost count. Most of them spent a lot of time figuring out which part of the artwork is paint and paper. Is quite interesting because even after explanation by me, they still told the whole piece looks exactly like a painting and cannot find the traces of any paper. Now that is the amazing effect of rice paper and why this is so sought after by artists.

Above: Happy visitors at LoDaRe

5. What is your next art project?

I am trying to find time to create another piece on the glass of a broken shower door which I picked up from my neighbour. I think it is going to be a very beautiful piece which I can already visualise in my mind. 

I like to work on big surface areas now, not limited to just standard sizes of canvas boards. It would be great if I can find more available walls, or ceiling to work on and turn it into a classic piece of art just in hours or in a day!

Jan 2016 - Looking for premium quality paper art napkins and rice paper for decoupage?

1 Dec 2015 - Want to work in a creative, fun and happy environment?

Job Vacancies

Administrative Assistant & Cashier


- Manage the cash counter and pack purchased goods for customers

- Answer walk-in customer's enquiry

- Introduce some of the products and explanation of the courses available.

- Maintain cleanliness of the shop and studio

- Arrange the stock inventory and update the pricing seasonally

- Assist in unpacking or packing of stocks.

- Assist in other administrative work.


- Customer-service oriented.

- Able to work on at least one weekend

- Proficient in written and spoken English

- Training on job is given

- Retirees can apply

Decoupage Art Teacher


- Teach decoupage art workshops to adults and children

- Give art making demonstrations to students

- Answer walk-in customers' enquiries and sales counter

- Maintain the training studio and stock inventory

- Other administrative duties


- Possess a training certificate in decoupage from LoDaRe or any decoupage training school in Europe or Asia

- Have the necessary decoupage knowledge and skills to create artwork on wood, metal, plastic and glass on more than 20-30 mediums

- To be able to teach immediately

- Have patience in teaching to children as well

- Able to work on at least one weekend

- Proficient in written and spoken English or Mandarin

- Part-time positions are available

Decoupage Art Assistant


- Assist the decoupage art teacher during art workshops to adults and children

- Answer walk-in customers' enquiries and sales counter

- Manage the shop front when there are no workshops.

- Maintain the training studio and stock inventory and pricing

- Manage other administrative work


- Customer-service oriented.

- Have patience in teaching to children as well

- Able to work on at least one weekend

- Proficient in written and spoken English or Mandarin

- Training on job is given

- Part-time positions are available

Send your resume to [email protected]

Dec 2015 - Kids' workshops

Aug 2015 - Learnt a skill and had Lots of Fun at Team Bonding Workshop!

A fun team bonding workshop where 8 ladies came to LoDaRe studio to learn how to use paper art napkins to decorate into a piece of art on a bag.

They had lots of fun, discovering the trick to getting the wrinkles out of the way from the pressed napkin and getting it protected against the rain or dust. The end product is a water-resistant decorated bag that can last for many years to come!