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LoDaRe Design & Decor

Timeless Creativity.


To mould outstanding professional craftsman in creative interior and exterior design and decoration.


To train and inspire one with creativity in 3D Art & Decoupage Craft to be artist, art trainers and interior & exterior decorators.

About Us

Established in 2014, LoDaRe has oversee the training of art amateurs or hobbyists to be professional art teachers and artists and we have obtained success in helping countless to kick off a new art career or business set up in a short and fulfilling program with valuable hands-on techniques and skills. Our training centre boasts a unique European art syllabus exclusive to LoDaRe (Singapore) and offers a large curriculum with over 50+ techniques on all surfaces.

We offer fun, creative, hands-on guided workshops to create Usable, Wearable and Practical art items for children and adults. We also specialised in teaching repair skills on all types of used or damaged large surfaces with a finished touch in designing and decoration through special effects and mixed media decoupage. The completed artwork can be used in their homes and offices.

The studio offers a cozy and relaxed learning environment.

Reviews of Workshops and Courses

"Interesting and fun (Glitter napkin decoupage workshop on bag)!"

- Jeslyn, VISA

"Simply awesome! I have finally completed the whole program and the best is that I passed the exam." - Amai, MOE Teacher

"Exciting and fulfilling program." - Shuwen, Laselle Graduate

""Good and interesting. Szuen makes decoupage seems so easy." - Julie Yu, Medical Doctor

"It was fun and interesting for my Dad and I. We learnt something new today. Hope there are more of this kind of hands-on workshops for both parents and children as well." - Ynezloh, Nan Chiau High Student

""Interesting, great for bonding." - Victoria, CHIJ Secondary School Student

"Great. Can put all I learnt into a big canvas with my own colours' choice, interpretation of the technique. Very fulfilling!" - Rolita, CEO

"The techniques learnt were great. Some were easy, others difficult. The beauty of it is that one can combine different techniques together to create a unique art piece." - Nancy, School Principal

"New, novel, interesting and creative. I really enjoyed it, not too difficult to understand. Instructors were good." - Aaron, Retiree

"Thank you very much for teaching me the basis of decoupage. You are a warm, friendly teacher who teaches well. I enjoy every moment in class." - Elizabeth, Housewife

Our students were from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Brunei and Singapore.

Our Clients

Mixed Media of rice paper and Italy Fleur chalky paint on ceiling of LoDaRe

Handmade lighted photo booth for wedding. (Techniques taken from LoDaRe International Certificate of Decoupage and Mixed Media)

Table (above) and shower door (right) designed and decorated.

"Thanks to LoDaRe for introducing me to their certificate course which helps me to be registered as a Ministry of Education Art Instructor within less than a year. I find the entire program very good. I learnt many techniques (special texture effects and decoupage tools) which are very applicable to any objects that I can make use of! - Linda

LoDaRe is a mixed media teaching studio with decoupage applications on all kinds of surfaces such as leather, wood, plastic, glass, fabric, metal, canvas with a speciality in design and decoration in furniture and house, offices, hotels, shops and restaurants.

About LoDaRe Team

Szuen, MOE registered art teacher, trained in Italy is a certified decoupage and mixed media trainer at LoDaRe. She holds an International Italy Certificate of Decoupage with Distinction and International Australian Certificate of Decoupage with modern and traditional decoupage knowledge and techniques.

She has ten years of teaching experience in art to children and adults.The team also has a dedicated, experienced and patient team of decoupage and mixed media art teachers from Laselle and experienced art fields.

View students' works at our Art Gallery.

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Watch Channel 8 Interview of Master Trainer, Szuen Wong